Legendary History Of The Great Arul Shiva Arumugunar Family Of Vaitheeswarankoil

The Naadi centre at Gurgaon was opened on the Ganesh Chathurthi day in August 1998, with Sri. V.S.A. Arul Muthu Kumaarasamy as the Chief Naadi Astrologer in charge of the centre. He hails from the well known family of Arul Siva Arumugunar who was really a master of many arts including Naadi Astrology. Since his great grandfather’s period, they have been practicing Naadi astrology continuously for the past 150 years, keeping Vaithiswarankoil as their Head quarters.

The Gurgaon centre is thus a branch of Vaithiswarankoil Naadi centre, which is the oldest and well known once throughout the world. From every nook and corner of the world, the people who are destined come for Naadi consultations and the benefits which they derive through Naadi is immense.

Presently the Vaithiswarankoil Head Office is managed by A. Sivasamy, with the help of his brothers. Holding independent entity, the Gurgaon centre’s service to the people of North and its surroundings.

There is an interesting background to the opening of the Gurgaon centre. It was originally intended that the Branch would have opened at Greater Kailash, New Delhi. But when the prasna Maha Sukshma Naadi for Sri. V.S.A. Arul Muthukumaarasaamy was consulted, it was ordained by Lord Shiva, that the centre is to be established at the place where the great Guru and Acharya of Mahabharata days lived. The town Gurgaon (Guru’s village) was the place, it is believed, where the great Acharya, Dronacharya lived in the remote past (Mahabharata period).

Thus, this remote place, which is about 2200 k.m. away from is native place, was chosen by Arul Muthukumaarasaamy, a young man of 27 years, having no formal school education and who did not know the language of the area viz. , Hindi or English, started the spiritual mission of spreading the Naadi system of Astrology in Uttar Bharat, as directed by Lord Shiva, Sri. Yashwant Bahadur Mathur (Former Financial Advisor of IFFCO), who personally experienced the benefits of Naadi, helped and initiated him to open the branch at his house itself at first and then to be in his neighbouring house.

Thus, the Gurgaon centre, starting with one Guruji in 1998, giving predictions for two persons a day, with a waiting period for three months, has now, in the course of last five years, grown to such an extent, that now more than ten readers are giving predictions for more than ten persons a day with a waiting period of three months. There are now two translators for Hindi and one translator for English. This itself proves that the centre has gained the confidence of the lovers of Naadi Astrology in the Delhi area of the Uttar Bharat.