Reference : Filmfare magazine dated : October 2003 - Page No :85-86.

Mr. Sanjay Dutt has answered many question in the filmfare magazine in month october 2003.
Here below we have given some of the question which he spoken about our prediction.

Question : Do your believe in reincarnation ?

Answer : Yes, I do now! Not many know this but a few years ago I visited a remote village called shivnadi near Chennai where everything about your life is written on a leaf manuscript. Not everyone can reach the place; only if your record is there will you manage to get there. I know of people who have tried going there but simply haven't managed to. If you do get there, your will find records there of the entire history of your previous life and this life is written on a leaf. I went there with three friends, And it was written on a leaf that I, Sanjay Dutt, would be there on that particular date and time. It's a small village and the people have no connection with outside world. They didn't know who I was. If there were any star they'd recognize it would be Rajnikant. So I know what they told me there wasn't make believe or something they were saying because of who i am.

Question : What was written about you on the leaf ?

Answer : (reflects) I was told that i a previous birth I was a king in medieval times. I was sent to war by my wife and I killed many people. When I returned victorious, I learnt that she had sent me to war because she wanted me dead since she was having an affair with one my ministers. Dejected, I killed them both and took refuge in the forest. I was a major Shiv bhakt and in the forest I meditated and starved myself to death. I got wonderful parents and good life in this because of my prayers in my earlier birth. But the hardships are a penance for the innocent people I killed in the war. I was asked to do a few pujas for peace. I did them al, except one. When I returned to Mumbai a few moths later I was arrested and put in jail. I want to do that one puja as soon as possible. It is still on my mind.


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By Sudhir H.Desai, A resident of Gurgaon

Nothing prepared me for the experience with Naadi astrology when Sri Agashtya Mahasiva Sukshma Naadi Centre in Gurgaon found the leaf containing my life story. I am an engineer educated at one of the prominent universities in the US and have obtained patents in the US, Japan and France for a natural gas related process. I believed (till this experience) only in what can be proven by scientific experiments. And so when I saw that the leaf written over thousands of years ago had my life story on it, I was truly 'in a state of shock' for lack of a better way to describe my experience.
The snapshot of my life described on my leaf was found was indeed sharp. The fact that I am the eldest of four brothers and have tow sisters, all are married, all where born to my father's second wife, I am a person in engineering profession, I have two daughters, that my father is not alive and many other aspects of my life as on the day my leaf was found were all written in the ancient leaf! Also written on the leaf were my exact name and the exact names of my parents and my wife. There were things written about my life which are known only to my wife and me.
The only data I had supplied was my right thumb print! This they said helped them find the likely bundles which may contain my leaf. Some two hundreds leaves in four bundles were examined before my leaf was found in the fifth bundle.
The writing on the leaves in in ancient Tamil. It was translated from the leaf for my benefit by one of the well trained, able, studious, toiling Naadi readers called Asans. I could hold and examine the bundle of the brown palm leaves with fine writing or inscriptions, one of many thousands I understand, with innumerable other life stories.
I was to experience this phenomenon again when the Gurgaon centre found the leaf of my daughter. In here case the leaf was the very first one in the very first bundle, something which has happened only once before in the Gurgaon centre. Again from the limited data of her left thumb print (and without her presence) they found her leaf with here life snapshot as on the day the leaf was found was written in a precise manner. As experience of a lifetime!.